Nevada Ghost Towns – Part 3 – Virginia City By cravesadventure

Virginia City, Nevada – Historic Mining Town

Virginia City is the county seat for Storey County, Nevada. The town is an unincorporated community and part of the Reno-Sparks area.

Fun Fact:  Virginia City is the oldest established community in Nevada. The town struck it rich in 1859 with the Comstock Lode.

I enjoy visiting Virginia City and “stepping back in time”. The town was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and is the nation’s largest Historic Landmark today. Some people may consider the town a “Tourist Trap”, but it truly is a great place to explore.

The sidewalks are made from wood and you may hear the clink of spurs around you with men dressed up as Cowboys or Lawmen with guns on their hips. You will also see women throughout your visit dressed in period clothing. Check out the shops and swing into one of the local saloons for a drink and some entertainment.  Take in your surroundings and really look at the architeture of the businesses and houses in this town – some are so ornate and beautiful.

Virginia City is a tourist’s best gamble for a fun destination that is steeped with mining history, historic people and places and may have a ghost or two still hanging out. Check out the Bucket of Blood Saloon or the Famous “Suicide Table”. You may want to make an extra stop while in town and check out the cemetery – some old grave markers in there.

Tourist Mecca – Virginia City attracts over 2 million visitors per year.

Mining Boom Town back in its heyday and now a Historic Mining Town. The town became a melting pot with new residents arriving as well as miners to work the mines.

Has anyone heard of Samuel Clemens? In February 1863 in Virginia City, writer Samuel Clemens used his famous pen name of Mark Twain. I have traveled to a few places in Northern Nevada and Northern California with connections to Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain – pretty interesting at times.

Maybe people are more familiar with the Western television show called Bonanza. Virginia City is near the site of the fictitious Ponderosa Ranch.

All Aboard – the Virginia & Truckee Railroad’s northern terminal is located at Virginia City.

Another Fun Fact:  Check out the Virginia City Spite House, which is still standing and occupied today. Here’s the story. In the 1950’s two neighbors got into a dispute. One of the men moved and built a new house. While the other man got even and bought the lot next door. He built the house less than 12 inches apart to deprive the other man of both a view and a good breeze. Talk about some sour apples!

Check Out Historic Downtown Virginia City Today – You Will Not Be Disappointed!



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