3 Things You Should Know About Curtis Park Village

Lots of fun to be had in the greater Sacramento Area. Old Sac, Poor Reds Ribs = Good Times! Also – you can get to San Fransisco, Napa or Lake Tahoe easily. We recommend people visit!



1. As of last February, there were already more than 100 names on a waiting list to buy yet-to-be-built homes in Curtis Park Village.

The single-family homes are on the Multiple Listing Service in the high 500s and low 600s, but this is a highly desirable area, after all.

2. Petrovich’s prioritization of retail space in the development is based on undeniable data.

The long and short of it: Curtis Park residents have the highest ratio in all of California of spending their hard-earned money miles away from their home neighborhood.  Accordingly, Petrovich sees an enormous opportunity.

3.There’s some uncertainty over whether chain stores will be banned from setting up shop.

A petition is in the works to keep chain stores out of Curtis Park altogether.  After seeing a video simulation of the project that included a few fictional business logos that looked conspicuously like Staples and Old Navy, residents went…

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