Thank you LV Moving!! 

You were especially helpful, careful and pleasant in the long day you had moving our belongings. Our house is near the college at the edge of Van Nuys, CA and the students park their cars all throughout my neighborhood making it very difficult for you to even get your truck into a spot in front of the house.

As I type this, your crew is still working very hard to finish up before they then drive straight through the night to deliver to our new house in Las Vegas, NV. You people have been great through this entire experience and we really appreciate your help today! Thank you again!

Jim and Peg Botz


We were so impressed by your driver and his team. Please pass that on for me as we were so grateful for how he handled everything. We are hopeful the other end goes as well as this end. I will stay in touch with you. Thank you! Next, is the delivery and we expect that to go just as well as the pick up.

Hi, I hope all is well. I wanted to get back to you with feedback on our recent move. It just could not have gone better. As you know, I’ve had some bad experiences with movers, so I was concerned but everything went awesome.

The two young men who moved us in last week, Mark and Wayne were professional and worked very hard. Vladimir who coordinated things with us was wonderful on getting us packed up and then communicating with us every step of the way. I know that you are fairly new with the company and if you need a testimony from us for your website or anything, we would be happy to do so.

My husband is a former U S Congressman, so that would add some nice credibility too. So keep that in mind. Please pass on our gratitude to your team.

The best to you,

Betti Hill



    Hello LV Moving!       Thank you very much for contacting me in regards’ to my moving experiences with your company.It all started about two weeks ago when I started searching for a company and checking prices. I called at least four moving companies including yours and received four different prices for the same inventory list. 

   The person that helped me had such a calm, confident and professional  manner. I was presented with a very fair price. It was explained that the price may change when we have completed our packing, if we end up with more or less than we thought. I recounted my inventory and you were correct. We adjusted my estimate and we created a schedule for me to get all of my paperwork filled out and back to you. I sent my paperwork in, the process was completed and the move in motion.

   The day before my move, your moving team contacted me to inform me of an approximate time of their arrival. The next day they arrived when they said they would and started the loading process.

   The team was very polite and efficient. There wasn’t any damage to either home or any items. I was most impressed with the set up at the new location. We were all tired from a long trip but they set up everything that was their responsibility.

   I would like to say that my overall experience, from my first contact with your representative to my last contact with the moving team, was exceptional.   I’m giving LV Movering a five star rating.

   All of the follow up and follow through from start to finish had been accomplished. I’m a high end home builder and don’t have time for mistakes or people who aren’t at the top of their game. LV Movers are spot on. Would I use your company again? You’ll be my first and only phone call next time I need a mover.


Scott Milteer


   We have moved many times before this and it is always a headache and a ton of stress. The worst is dealing with a broker. We tried that once… just once… and that was enough. We learned that it is better to pay professionals than any other option.

   That is why we were so pleasantly surprised by you folks at LV Moving… we had no issues, your entire staff and moving crew were very professional from start to finish. We really noticed the special care given to our fragile items. We will be telling other people looking to move that they need to call LV Moving!


Sam and Carrie Jonas



   I just wanted to pass on the great word. In today’s world, there are not too many “True” “100% Service Oriented Companies” left out there. But, Thankfully, after speaking to the “Wrong” companies, I did find one. LV Moving! I needed to move between states and I really didn’t want to pay an arm and leg…. And I didn’t have to using LV Moving.

   They were very hands “On” which meant I didn’t have to be. They are all about customer service there, from your first phone call to the hand shake after the last piece is unloaded from their truck. Thank you LV Moving, for being there when I needed you and not making an already stressful situation, even worse, like most other companies now a days. Just one man’s opinion, but if you ever need to move, call LV Movers… I will every time from now on.

David Nelson


This company was great. My husband and I had to move from Vegas to Fullerton for his job and after speaking with several companies, we decided that LV Moving was the one. From the beginning, they made it easy and quick to get the info we needed to make the decision on companies.

The owner himself came out personally to give us an in-person quote which really impressed me and the moving crew made our move a lot less stressful than it could have been. If we ever need to move again, I am definitely going with this company. And you can bet that I will be passing their contact info along to family or friends who are in the market for a great moving company. Thank you for making an all around stressful situation, a lot easier to bear.

Christine Alderete

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