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International Moves out of the United States or moves within require a person to 1. go to the BBB and look for accredited movers near by… 2. pick 3 and look them up on 3. get 3 estimates and at least 1 visual estimate… 4. if you’re still unsure of a good mover, just go to their offices and compare. These steps will greatly reduce or eliminate the chance of a poor experience.

A Broad Abroad Again

Now before I get started on this post, I just have to say that my paternal grandfather owned a moving and storage business. That was my father’s first job, so I have a bit of a soft spot for moving people.

Of course, the ones I tended to deal with in the States were not quite the same as my grandfather. There are sharp practices and all sorts of communication mishaps, shall we say? But for the most part, the job gets done in more or less a timely manner.

So here I am, new in Dubai, setting up an apartment, so I bought a bunch of used furniture from the online classifieds. Moving people and “a man with a van” types advertise there, so I actually contacted two for two different jobs.

I lined one up for 10 AM Friday and then the other for 3 PM. Lots of…

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Some Guidelines of Hiring Long Distance Moving & Relocation Experts

These days’ people are searching for a place to relocate that offers an incredible Metropolitan life style and better opportunities to fulfill their luxurious amenities. The many major US Cities offer a high standard of living to their residents with nearby amenities like hospitals, parks, schools, parks that provide excellent services to its inhabitants.

That’s why people choose high rise condos and loft apartments as a destination for their new move. If you want to make your next move to a new luxury metropolitan location, choosing a moving professional like LV Moving should be a must and you need to keep in mind the following details…

When LV Moving handles all the packing, then you won’t face problems regarding where to start and how to make packing of your essential belongings.

Another concern during relocating is the shifting of heavy, bulky furniture when you move yourself. You should always seek help from the professionals at LV Moving, so that you can easily transport your essential belongings to your new place.

                                                                                      Moving Celebration

Unpacking your items in your new location is one of the important aspects that come with loads of headaches. So, LV Moving offers convenient packing, unpacking, loading, unloading services to their clients.

The experts at LV Moving use modern techniques and equipment, so that time consuming packing and unpacking jobs can be done efficiently in a shorter amount of time. If you need time between the pick up and delivery to be sure the new location is properly prepared for you to move in, do not worry, LV Moving offers up to 30 days of free storage.

Call today to speak with a relocation specialist or to schedule a free visual estimate!




Easy, No Stress Moving with LV Moving

LV Moving Company has been helping people with true professionalism that ensures a comprehensive coordination of the moving process. Customers have several choices with LV Moving from scheduling a interview call or a free visual estimate to submitting a quote request through our website. A trained relocation specialist responds directly, thereby building a good communication from start. Their in-home estimate service is unmatched as the staff takes an inventory of all possessions, and discusses packing and crating needs, thereby giving customers a near accurate estimate of all items that need to be moved. This is especially helpful if a person has been living in a house for a considerable amount of time or has had items in storage too long to remember the inventory exactly.

The staff is well trained and always equipped to handle delicate and precious items and disassemble large objects and reassemble them at the new location, which ensures a hassle free move.. The trucks for transportation are fuel efficient for better affordability and well suited for all weather conditions, thereby allowing their customers to move at any time of the year, even Christmas.

LV Moving Company covers all aspects of moving from start to finish including packing, loading, unloading and shipping of all items. They function as a long distance moving company with low long distance moving quotes from $590. Rated as one of the best state to state moving companies, they have a network of dispatches across the United States, and although they focus on the western 12 states, their services are available to anyone, anywhere in the continental United States of America (Not Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico).


Whether one is moving to or from Nevada, this moving company alleviates the experience by providing moving equipment and even tips to their customers on how best to go about moving. Their attention to detail ensures that people who are willing to be flexible will have a no stress move, as they execute only after careful planning.

“My moving experience was an easy one thanks to LV Moving, from receiving the quote to the actual moving day there was never a moment where I thought these guys don’t know what they are doing. They are absolutely true professionals that did an outstanding job of getting me in to my new home.” – David Smythe, from L.A. to L.V.

How to Pack a Bathroom for Moving


The bathroom is one of the smallest premises in a home and probably when you decide to move this is the last place you may think that you need a guide for. But you do. There are plenty of small things inside a bathroom and you can surely use some tips to make your bathroom packing and moving easier, simpler, better organized and quicker. And who wouldn’t want to do such a job fast and efficiently?
How to Pack a Bathroom for a Move

If you intend on packing up your bathroom yourself and not calling movers, here’s what you need to know.

1. Pack your bathroom daily essentials box. Separate items that you use every day like cosmetics, medicines, bathroom items, etc. Place these in a separate sturdy cardboard box and make sure you keep them with you to use the items inside when you need them.

2. Sift through your bathroom. You don’t need to take everything. Half empty shampoo bottles, bar soaps, etc. can be thrown away. You can easily replace those when you relocate, if you decide to pack them and move them it may cost you more money actually. Throw away shabby towels or use them as rags for the packing or for the moving day.
3. Go through the medicines and cosmetics section. It is very important when packing the bathroom to check those. Throw away everything that has expired, with a changed smell, color or consistency. After all, these are products that you apply on or in your body and you should be careful with them. You will probably have some forgotten bottles and jars as well which is normal. Throw away also bottles, jars, tubes, etc. that are without label or if you cannot clearly read their label. If you have medicines you no longer use because the treatment was completed or interrupted, throw them away. There is no point in keeping them not only because you don’t need them any more but also because there are medicines that have a very short expiry date once opened (a few months or even just a couple of weeks).
4. Collect the cleaning supplies in one box. You will need it for the moving day and it will be more convenient for you if they are all located in one place.
5. How to pack your bathroom correctly? First, make sure non of the packages leak. Liquids should be well shut in their original packing and then placed in a seal-able plastic bag to ensure that if the bottle leaks, it won’t spread on your other bathroom items. If you have doubts, use tape on the cap before placing the liquid in a plastic bag. That can give you an extra sense of security and it is a good thing especially if you are packing expensive items.
6. Pack medicines and first aid supplies separately in a box and keep it handy. If you have heat sensitive medicines pack them separately.

7. Remember to use small boxes and not to pack the boxes too heavy as they may break under the weight. Line up the boxes with linen or towels on the inside and then arrange the items to be packed.

8. Use toiletry bags for makeup and hair accessories.
9. If you have fragile items for packing in your bathroom, use bubble wrap, tape it well and place the items in a sturdy cardboard box, filling the empty space with packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper. If you need more help with packing fragile things, you can use our “fragile” packing guide to learn how to pack them.
10. Soft and unbreakable items like towels, linen, the bath curtain, etc. can be packed in a sturdy plastic bag or in a cardboard box. You can use part of them to be packed in the empty space on top in other boxes containing heavier items.
Don’t throw away hazardous materials in the waste bin or the toilet (medicines, paint, chemicals, etc.) They are dangerous for the environment and need to be disposed of in the right way. Contact the closest Environmental Protection Agency or the local recycling centre what to do with them.
If you don’t have time or don’t want to spend time and effort to do this job, you can always contact movers – they know how to pack a bathroom for moving. Don’t be shy to ask them questions, ask for advice or even get quotes from them – estimates are free anyway. It might be that the cost for packing up your bathroom by the professionals is pretty much the same as to what you would spend yourself for packing materials.
Whichever option you choose, we wish you good luck with your move.

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Packing & Moving the Dining Room Guide


We have prepared so far different guides for packing and moving the different rooms of your home like the kitchen and we will continue with our guide on packing and moving the dining room. All the items in a dining room are important – whether these are fragile things, wooden furniture, expensive art, etc. they should have your attention for the right move. Planning how to pack a dining room is not difficult but still protecting best all of your belongings during your move should be your priority.
How to Pack a Dining Room

Let your movers know what you have for moving. If you want them to be able to plan your dining room relocation well, you should inform them in advance which items will be packed and shipped and what other services you will use (crating, storage, car moving, etc.) Prepare the building as well – if you live in an apartment, you may need to reserve an elevator for the moving crew. Arrange this with the building manager. If you live in a house, make sure that the way to it is clear so that the moving truck can reach it. In case that your house can be reached only via a road that is too narrow for a moving truck to pass, let the movers know in advance so they can take care of another way to take your dining room items to your new home.

Curtains and Draperies


Curtains and draperies are easy to pack – fold them lengthwise and place them in boxes. A useful thing to do would be to use empty drawers and cupboards to pack them. Other soft and unbreakable items like napkins and table cloth can also be packed in the same way. For info and advice on how to pack fragile items we have a different article you can look at.
Packing a Dining Room Table

When moving a dining room table, try to dismantle it, if possible. For all the small parts like screws, bolts and nuts, take a small, plastic bag and collect them there. After that tape the bag to the table so those little items won’t get lost. Don’t use tape directly on wood though as it could damage it. Make sure your table is clean and dry first. If you want to add extra protection for the corners, use corner protectors from moving supply stores or just ordinary cardboard. Wrap the table in moving pads and tape them well to secure them. If the top of the table is glass, use moving pads and then bubble wrap, and remember to secure well every layer of packing so the packing that you make is stable. Wrap the legs of the table, leaves and wooden table tops in furniture pads, towels or linen. The only disadvantage here is that after the move you will have to wash them, if you want to use them again, or you can use old clothes and throw them away after the relocation. This is how to wrap a dining room table for moving. Don’t use newspaper, because it may leave ink on the surface it comes into contact with.

How to Wrap a Dining Room Chair for Moving

If you can, dismantle the chair. Use furniture blankets of bubble wrap for the parts of the chair like legs. For any extensions like bars use bubble wrap. Remember to secure the packing of each item well with packing tape. Any small parts like bolts and screws should go in a plastic box and it should be taped to the chair they belong to. For any pillows that your chairs or couch may have, you can use boxes to stack them in.


How to Move Your Dining Room

Remember that if you don’t have time to organize the relocation of your dining room or you don’t want to risk packing and moving the items yourself, you can always contact a professional moving company to do it instead of you. Hiring moving labor to do this job instead of you will save you time and risks for your items and for your health. Surely a moving crew with experience will pack your dining room much quicker and better than you. After you get a quote, ask the movers to come by your house or apartment for a visual estimate which is more precise. When the moving company representative comes, show the items you have for moving and discuss the details like packing, moving vehicle, storage, if you want, time for the whole moving, etc. Set a date and prepare for it. If you have items you won’t be moving, separate them on moving day, lock them in the bathroom or in one of the rooms in your home so movers won’t take it. Usually they are so quick that you may not notice when they have taken the empty boxes from the corridor or the bags with trash by the door to their truck. If you need extra moving advice, come back to our moving blog for more articles with tips, advice and useful info.
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Author: Pamela Smith on August 18, 2014
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How to Get Your Security Deposit Back from Landlord

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back from Landlord
The security deposit is a normal part of a lease for renting a place to stay – home or apartment. It could be equal to your rent for two or three months and your landlord has the right to ask for it, in order to have a guaranteed compensation in case you cause damages or don’t pay your rent. Once you have signed the lease and you have paid a security deposit, at the end of your contract or when you have decided to terminate it, you have the right to ask for it back if you have fulfilled certain requirements. Getting security deposit back before moving in to your new home is easy, if you know what to do. Here are some tips which will help you.
How to Get Rental Security Deposit BackYour landlord can use your security deposit for covering certain expenses and if there aren’t such, (s)he is obliged to return it to you. Unfortunately, not all landlords know the law and even those who do, don’t always comply with it. Knowing your rights and how to protect yourself in such a situation is the best thing to do.

If you have already paid your security deposit for your new rental but you have changed your mind and you are planning on getting security deposit back before moving in, read your contract and contact your landlord right away. What does your contract say? The lease should mention the amount of the security deposit, the rent and when it is due, and also the conditions for getting the security deposit back. In any case – whether you have already moved in to the property or you have changed your mind to do so, once you have signed the lease this contract becomes binding for both you and your landlord. In both cases you should send a written notice to your landlord for ending the lease. In a way this is breaching the contract because it was signed for a certain period of time. Usually the deadline for sending the notice, that is pointed in the lease in most states, is 30 days. If you don’t send one, you still owe rent and your landlord could use your security deposit for it. Send the notice by certified mail, request a return receipt and keep a copy of it for yourself. Keep the receipt and the copy of the notice together. In case things go wrong and you go to small claims court, you will have this proof you have complied with the contract.


If you manage to find someone to rent the unit instead of you earlier, you will have to pay less rent. That is if someone rents the place from a date sooner than the last one of your 30-day notice, you owe rent until that person moves in, and the new tenant continues to pay the rents on that lease. Technically you owe rent for the time until the lease expires (if you don’t pay it, it could be deducted from your security deposit) or until someone rents the unit instead of you. If you are the only tenant and your are moving out, the situation is simpler. If you are renting the unit with other people as well and you are the only person leaving, talk to the others or to the landlord about getting your security deposit back. The landlord is not obliged to give it to you if not all co-tenants are moving out so try to negotiate that.
Your landlord should have your new address, because if you cannot be located, in some states the law says your landlord can keep the deposit. Each state has different rules and regulations as to when and how your landlord should give you the security deposit back. Check what they are for your state so you know how to protect your rights.After you move out, the landlord will go to inspect the unit and in some states you have the right to be there and be present. This is good because if there are some final fixtures to be done or some cleaning, you can handle it so that you could end your lease peacefully and get your security deposit back. If you haven’t taken proper care of the unit when leaving, as mentioned in your contract, the landlord has the right to cover damages and arrange for extra cleaning to be done on your behalf, that is by paying for it with your security deposit. Your security deposit can also be used for paying utility bills, too, but you are not responsible for normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is appliances that wore out, colors of the walls that have faded, carpet that is worn away, etc. You are responsible for doing a final cleaning as well – make sure that you are aware of what your landlord expects you to do so you don’t under- or over-do it. If you, your pets or guests have caused any damages, again, it is your duty to fix them.


When moving out, take out the garbage, take all items you have brought to the unit and make photos of your work – get the newspaper for the day and make the photos by holding it in such a way so that the date could be seen. In this way you have a proof as to when you have left the rental unit and in what condition it was. If you can, get a witness to see your work.When do you get your security deposit back? After you have moved out, the state sets a deadline for your landlord, usually two or three weeks, to send you detailed information about how your security deposit has been used and for what, what is left from it (including the interest, if applicable), and – some states require it – a list with the deductions of your security deposit before any money has been taken. If you are not happy with the list or didn’t get back what the state law states you should, contact the landlord and try to work things out somehow. In case you reach to an understanding with your landlord about getting your security deposit back if you do extra cleaning for example, put this in writing and sign it. This agreement is a contract between you and your landlord and if either side doesn’t fulfill the tasks in it, the other one can take it to small claims court. If you and your landlord don’t reach to an understanding, write a letter to your landlord, again make a copy for yourself, and send it by certified mail with a return receipt, asking to have your entire security deposit back, or part of it. This is a step that is required in many states before you go to small claims court and if you don’t do it, you can lose your security deposit. Such a letter may also motivate your landlord to fulfill your requirements.

In small claims court you go just before a judge, there is no jury, you don’t need a lawyer, and you pay up to $50 for it. Both sides present their view of the matter and then the judge makes a decision – either right away, in the courtroom, or up to a few days later and mails it to you. This is how to get security deposit back from landlord. Do you get your security deposit back when you move out? Yes! But many people don’t want to spend time, nerves and money in pursuing their security deposit back and unfortunately some landlords get advantage. Don’t let that happen to you, know your rights and protect yourself!

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Logical Reasons Why You Need a Professional Mover!


At first glance, moving quotes may seem high, but there are “Moving Costs” that should be considered that go above the “price”. So, when factoring the cost of tools, the proper equipment, fuel, labor and all other contributing factors. So, when properly budgeting, a professional moving company like LV Moving Co. is a cost effective is the best option for real savings!


Long distance moves incur additional expenses you don’t expect like truck breakdowns and detours (extra mileage and fuel). Also, schedules may be inflexible when coordinated by an employer and not by a professional.


Your time is valuable! Planning, packing, and loading a truck without professional help will always take longer. By hiring a full service moving company, a team of trained professional work methodically and efficiently. So, because they do this for a living they save you time, money and effort!


Heavy items, tight corners, flights of stairs… In many instances it may be physically impossible for you to do the work yourself. Heavy and oversized furniture can be impossible for the average individual to move – especially for the elderly and pregnant women.


Skimping on the necessities such as tape, plastic wrap, moving blankets and boxes – can lead to major issues throughout the course of the move.

Renting Risks:

Renting a truck can be risky business for a DYI move – operating the large vehicle, as well as the potential for break downs during long distances, can throw a wrench into moving plans. If a rented vehicle becomes inoperable, it is your responsibility to load the items (even on the side of the highway) into a replacement vehicle. By hiring a professional the risk is now lifted off you shoulders!

Unique Situations:

We are often called upon in unique circumstances to assist in a seamless transition: whether that be an elderly relative moving to an assisted living facility, or an estate arrangement – even a marriage or divorce. Having a professional to do the work allows an impartial team to get the work done without any emotional involvement.

Moving Tools and Equipment:

Dollies, pads, blankets and straps are required for a safe move without causing injuries or damage to your belongings. These single use items can be costly to purchase and a professional uses these daily.


Getting help from friends and family for is difficult these days when everyone is busy! If help becomes unavailable, then you will be stuck doing all the labor yourself. Can you say “Back Ache”?


As with any trade, hiring a professional that can plan and predict is always helpful. Circumstances may arise that an individual would never have known to plan for. As an experienced provider, our team is able to per-plan and offer insight for a successful, stress free move.