Commercial Moving


LV Moving is the most trusted long distance moving company giving customers the best value!

Commercial moving is an exciting opportunity for any company to expand floorspace and cultivate their business. LV Moving understands the importance of maintaining company work flow, keep moving costs effective, and staying on schedule.

As a company ourselves, we understand that each workspace relies on the smooth operation of every part- from individual employee function to computer accessibility. LV Moving provides you with professional relocation specialists to help you plan your move and facilitate relocation.

Everything begins with a discussion about all the specific details of the move. The more detailed you are in describing your needs, the easier it will be to calculate the best price for a fair value.

Finally, LV Moving knows that relocating should not hinder profitability by being too costly. Moving is a business in itself and while truck rentals can offer competitive rates- the result is you and your employees doing all the work that they are not trained to do properly.

Our goal is to help you achieve all your commercial moving needs, without stress. Once you’ve developed a plan with us you can proceed to focus on streamlining operations. When business is booming, look to LV Moving to manage your commercial moving. 

Moving gives locals free visual inventories for their long distance moving needs, our long distance moving company relocation professionals are always ready to exceed your expectations and help you with your specialized moving and storage needs!

So, whether you live outside of Nevada or you are looking to move out of Las Vegas, we are the long distance moving company to take you anywhere a top long distance moving company will go with great service.

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