Long Distance Moving


When you need a high quality long distance moving company, look no further than LV Moving!

LV Moving is your long distance moving company with the highest-rated, licensed movers in the industry.  At LV Moving, we work for you to be the best long distance moving company.  We understand you want to make the best choices when relocating your family and all your special belongings. That’s why we pride ourselves on raising the industry standard to bring you high quality movers that handle your belongings with great care.

When you choose LV Moving, you can rest assured that you selected a professional, licensed and insured long distance moving company. A company that you can trust, and a company you would want to use again in the future. Most importantly, we make sure that each company has the experience necessary to be experts at each long distance moving situation. Our goal is to make each long-distance move succeed without lost or damaged property or delayed moving schedules.

The best way to ensure that you receive an accurate quote is to speak with our relocation specialist about every detail of the move beginning with the an accurate inventory including any large or unusually sized items (pianos, couches, dressers), as well as the estimated distance between your locations. Once we have discussed all of your information, LV Moving’s professional long distance moving company team will send a quote for your move.

Once you have received your quote, our LV Moving website will provide you with lots of information to help you to prepare for the move, such as simple moving and packing tips.

There are many details to manage when it comes to long distance moving. Whether you are a working professional planning a long-distance move, or a family planning a cross-country move, or even a business planning a commercial relocation- we at LV Moving can provide you with the support you need for a fair value! 

As a top long distance moving company based in Las Vegas, LV Moving gives locals free visual inventories for their long distance moving needs, our long distance moving company relocation professionals are always ready to exceed your expectations and help you with your specialized moving and storage needs!

So, whether you live outside of Nevada or you are looking to move out of Las Vegas, we are the long distance moving company to take you anywhere a top long distance moving company will go with great service.

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