Moving Insurance



As a licensed common carrier, we are required to provide limited liability coverage at no charge to the customer. Under this option, in event of loss or damage, maximum limited liability is $0.60 per pound, per article.


Full Value Protection (FVP) provides the highest level of coverage for your personal possession. After the Deductible is applied, the coverage will guarantee replacement of articles due to loss or damage while in carrier’s custody, reimbursement for full replacement cost (as determined by current market value), or repair a damaged item to the extent necessary by whichever means cost less. FVP will be subject to the shipment being declared or released at a minimum lump sum value of $20,000 or $6 multiplied by the net weight of the shipment in pounds, whichever is greater.

Under both of these liability options, movers are permitted to limit their liability for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value, unless you specifically list these articles on the shipping documents. An article of extraordinary value is any items whose value exceeds $100 per pound .These option levels of liability are not insurance agreements governed by State insurance laws, but instead are authorized under Release Rates Orders of the Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition to these options, some movers may also offer to sell, or procure for the shipper, separate liability insurance from a third-party insurance company when the shipper releases the shipment for transportation at the minimum released value of 60 cents per article (option 1). This is not valuation coverage governed by Federal law, but optional insurance regulated under State law. If the shipper purchases this separate coverage and the mover is responsible for loss or damage, the mover is liable only for an amount not exceeding 60 cents per pound per article, and the balance of the loss is recoverable from the insurance company up to the amount of insurance purchased.

Additionally:  This has the explaination of the insurance options provided by all carriers. – customer can go on line and purchase additional insurance.


The minimum declared shipment value under FVP is $20,000. Although the minimum is necessary to purchase FVP, it may not be all you need. It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the proper amount of coverage. If the full value declared shipment value is not taken, a penalty will be incurred based on the ratio between actual cash value and the declared shipment value


Valuation coverage is not insurance. Valuation is a tariff level of carrier liability in the event of loss or damage of your goods while under course of transit by LV Moving. This type of coverage is unique to carrier alone and therefore it is important for the customer to understand what valuation does not cover.

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